Friendship Diversion Services

A private non-profit corporation

Diversion Services

Friendship Diversion Services contracts with prosecutors in some jurisdiction throughout the state to provide jail and sentencing alternatives for some criminal court defendants. 

Electronic Home Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring is provided by Friendship Diversion Services for individuals who are court ordered to serve time or be monitored pre-trial on electronic detention. 

Secure Remote Continuous Monitoring

Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) monitoring is a device that detects alcohol consumption through impermeable perspiration emitted from the participants body. 

Pre-Charge Diversion

Pre-Charge diversion is considered for some offenders established on criteria set out by the prosecuting authority, and means the case is referred to diversion without filing charges in court. 

P.O. Box 11215 Olympia WA 98508
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